Thursday, 1 March 2012


‘Yes we did,’ Mira said and put her hand on her husband’s arm, but said to Mito, ‘All right, guard the prisoners with it, well, if you must, Mito, until the police is picking them up. Then bury it again, all right?’

‘Yes Ma-am, Mira, right away.’ He saluted and went into the hall.

‘Where did that come from?’ Crayn asked, looking surprised.

‘What you mean?’ Mira said innocently.

‘That “Ma-am” and that salute to you. He never did that to me.’

‘But Dad,’ Aikon said, ‘don’t you know? Tsk.’ He put his hand on his mother’s forearm. ‘That is Mum and Mum’s should be recognized and obeyed for what they are.’

‘Oh, are they, hey?’ Crayn laughed and messed up Aikon’s hair with his knuckles. ‘Right you are, yes.’ He then looked at his wife, embraced her and said grinning, ‘We do recognize you. You know that, Mum? Right?’

‘Of course I do. Don’t be silly now,’ Mira laughed and kissed him.

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