Monday, 29 October 2012

Talon is soaring over the great Andes

Extract from the first novel: TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

 It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. After breakfast, Matica and her father went outside. He took his books with him to teach her mathematics and physics. She enjoyed this learning time with her father, but after a while, they needed a break, so Matica walked away into the bush while her father went to Mira.
Looking over a maize field, ...
she saw Amos and his dog Dusty coming towards her. ‘What are you doing?’ Amos asked her. Dusty sniffed at her hand and she patted his wet, cold nose.
‘Nothing much. Dad just taught me mathematics and I needed a break. I had to walk away and look at something green, not a book with all the numbers.’
They both laughed, but suddenly Amos looked ashamed, staring at the ground and playing in the sand with his bare feet.
‘Is something wrong?’ she encouraged him.
‘Well, no. I just thought of something, but I don’t know how to tell you without embarrassing you,’ said Amos.
‘Just say it. I’m not easily embarrassed. I’ve had too many embarrassments already in my life.’
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Extracty from the first Novel in the Talon series. TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

Matica looked at the high cliff and the landing where she knew the condors had their nest, which had one small tree growing on one side and a bush on the other. It didn’t look big, but right there beside the bush, she saw Tima sitting on the ridge, looking down. Tamo was screeching and circling continu-ously above Tima.
ica couldn’t see the poachers. ‘They must be close by,’ she murmured, ‘because Tamo is too upset. And that means as well, they don’t have their egg as yet < if they have one.’
Observing the scene for a while, she finally made out two climbing, dark figures. She growled, ‘Long, black hair and black overalls. Yes, they’re the same ones, but I can’t see the beige bag they had last year in which to carry the egg. That would mean – yes!’ she shouted. ‘I was right! They have only come for a look. In that case, we have time to help my birds.’ She gritted her teeth angrily. ‘So, they were shooting at other animals before. Which animals? I guess we will never find out.’
She watched the poachers climbing higher and higher. They had nearly reached Tima.
‘Tima, do something!’ Matica said in a harsh whisper.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Change about the fourth novel in the Talon series

Well, now i have done it. I have devided the fourth novel in the Talon series. Both will have around 90 000 words or more. It still is not only an adult novel, it is for YA and even for children as well.

Now I will begin the fifth revision with the fourth novel in the Talon series, and I call it:

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Talon is soaring

Extract from the first book in the Talon series

When Crayn returned from his journey to Cajamarca, he could easily see how much Talon had grown. Talon was now over three months old and was the size of a standard dog. Since he had never seen his parents fly, he never tried out his wings though sometimes he would spread them wide and would even flap them when he was annoyed or irritated. Sometimes...
he would watch a chicken flapping its wings and then he would stretch out his wings as well, copying the chicken.
Today, something fantastic happened to change that.
Matica had just come home from school. As Talon greeted her outside, like always, she grabbed his wings on an impulse and spread them wide. ‘Talon, I think it’s time that we have a little talk about your wings.’
He tilted his head, holding his wings spread out, looking at them. Matica interpreted this to mean, ‘What about them? I don’t know what to do with them.’
‘These are wings, Talon, and with these you fly.’ She moved them up and down. ‘You are never outside when your father comes to visit, so you never see him fly. That’s not good. He’s a bird, and so are you, and birds do fly in the sky. But to do that, you
have to train your wings and make them strong.’ She helped him flap them up and down. ‘Even though you live with me and not with your bird parents, you’re not a human. I hope you know that.’

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Proud Talon is watching Matica

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series. TALON, COME FLY WITH ME.

After a few minutes of watching the chick with Tamo, Matica’s face began to shine like the morning sun. ‘I know his name, Mum!’ she yelled. She picked him up and looked at his claws. ‘Talon. I’ll call you Talon. Oh, Talon, you are just beautiful.’

As if to confirm his name and to give himself a good reputation, the little...
bird pushed one of his talons right onto Matica’s nose. Giggles were all around her and everyone said, ‘Isn’t he cute!’

Matica then heard a familiar voice saying, ‘He’s so tiny.’ It was her father standing with Amos amongst the Indians. She held her breath. Does Amos have his dog with him? She searched for the dog but couldn’t find him. Good, he left him at home, she thought. Talon would have just been a little breakfast for him.

Without hesitation, she put Talon down again. By now, the chick was able to stand and ran quite steadily on his little legs. ‘Aikon,’ Matica said, looking for her brother. She saw that Emelio was with him. ‘Did you find a worm?’
‘No, not yet,’ came the reply from under a bush. ‘Correction, I have one now.’

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series:

 At school one day a few weeks later, Simeon said, ‘Can I tell you something about the poachers I have heard recently in Cajamarca?’
Crayn nodded. ‘You have news? I must say, I didn’t hear anything when I was in Cajamarca. So, tell us.’
‘I was there last week to visit my brother Ben and his family. They live close to the hospital there and he told me a very strange story about the poachers,’ said Simeon.
‘Ben is a policeman, right?’ Crayn intervened. ‘Along with your brother, isn’t he, Mito?’
‘Pito is,’ Mito said proudly. ‘Work together, they do not. Ben in other branch. Not talked to him for a while, I have not.’
‘Yes, that is right,’ Simeon went on, ‘but I still told Ben earlier about Matica and her condors. They, Pito and the others, now have an eye and an ear open for them. Ben said that four months ago, two people came to the clinic. One of them was bleeding from a deep wound in his shoulder and a wound to his head. He was in really bad shape and very weak be-cause he had lost so much blood. They told the nurse that a killer condor did that to him, but he did not tell her why.
‘My brother said that condors never attack people unless they are desperate, so I told him that Tamo was just defending his egg and that Matica had helped to incubate the egg and Talon was hatched. Ben said it is illegal to plunder, but the police have to catch the poachers in the act. Even though the police knew what had happened, their hands are tied because the man’s wound could have been caused by anything. There was not enough proof, unfortu-nately.
‘Well, the doctor could not do much for that man, so he gave him an injection for the pain and to prevent any infection and patched him up to stop the bleeding. He was then transported to Lima for cosmetic surgery. My brother never saw them again.’

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Talon, when he was a baby chick

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series:

By the time Talon was over five months old and nearly the size of his mother, he had lost all of his down. His feathery coat was brown and Matica thought he looked just beautiful, but her father thought the opposite. For him, he had grown to be an ugly bird since he lost the down and had conse-quently ended up looking like Tamo’s half-boiled neck.
The relationship between Crayn and Talon then became quite strange. Crayn just tolerated him and kept out of his way, only it was difficult to do so because they all lived together in one small house and Talon loved to be inside. Crayn couldn’t wait until Talon could fly and would finally stay away. Well, that was his hope, but Talon had a different idea.

 Matica felt the tension between them, but she never said a word about it. Sometimes it was really amusing to see them together and how they tried to avoid each other. Crayn would look at Matica then would turn up his nose and leave. Talon tried to be polite and nice to him but didn’t have much success. Even so, Talon would never give up.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series, Talon, come fly with me

‘Good. Are you ready to tell the Indians your story from the beginning?’
‘Yes, I guess.’
When they arrived at the community hall, there were many unfamiliar faces there. ‘Where do they come from?’ Matica asked.
‘They probably come from Bambamarca. Yes, there is Miguel and his wife, Alma. He is the spokesman of Bambamarca. Th...
e news of your egg must have travelled quickly and far, Matica.’
Matica smiled a beaming smile. When she looked around, she noticed a boy about her age. He sat in front of class and kept on smiling at her. I hope he doesn’t like me, she thought, giggling. Well, he looks handsome.
Indeed he was. He had black, short hair and was dressed in a blue shirt with grey shorts and had beautiful, dark golden skin. His grin was bright and honest. I never saw him before, she thought. Hang on, I might have seen him around. Yes, with that dog.