Thursday, 5 July 2012

What do i do wrong?

Gigi Sedlmayer@GigiSedlmayer
I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I love my books and the reviewers love my book, by why is it that only a view people are buying my books?
It's so hard to promote. I do what i can and...where does it lead me? Nowhere. I have video trailers, and still nothing. I heard that when you have video trailers, people will buy your book. Yeah, right.
I am getting reviews with 4 and 5 stars. They know and know the potential and i am so thankful for them. I have posted them all here, they are on and barnesandnoble and others.

What do i do wrong?
Here my video trailers,

The fourth book is under construction. Hopefully will get it finish and published this year.


  1. Gigi, if it's any help. most of my sales, about 75%, come from in person appearances and signings, as opposed to in-store or on-line sales. Fortunately where I live in Florida, there are year round opportunities to participate in arts and craft fairs and from there I've made connections with various book or gift shop owners to do signings. Also, I belong to a Writers Guild (I was recently elected their president) and our main purpose is to help each other sell and market our books, so it's a group effort. Maybe something like that is available for you down under.

  2. Thank you John for your good efforts to get my books out there. I did that when the first book was published. I had many book signings, and they were all good. Sold a lot then. But since the beginning of this year, nearly all the book stores has closed down and the ones they are still open, don't like or won't take books from self-publishers. It's really heard to get anything now. No crafts and fairs here either. I only can try to sell my books in amazon and facebook and twitter and pinterest, LinkedIn and so.
    It's not easy here.
    I would need someone, preferable in the US, who would like to take my books and do all the publicity, but i don't have the means for that, because that's way to expensive for me.
    So, i have to go on as i am doing, i guess.