Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series, Talon, come fly with me

‘Good. Are you ready to tell the Indians your story from the beginning?’
‘Yes, I guess.’
When they arrived at the community hall, there were many unfamiliar faces there. ‘Where do they come from?’ Matica asked.
‘They probably come from Bambamarca. Yes, there is Miguel and his wife, Alma. He is the spokesman of Bambamarca. Th...
e news of your egg must have travelled quickly and far, Matica.’
Matica smiled a beaming smile. When she looked around, she noticed a boy about her age. He sat in front of class and kept on smiling at her. I hope he doesn’t like me, she thought, giggling. Well, he looks handsome.
Indeed he was. He had black, short hair and was dressed in a blue shirt with grey shorts and had beautiful, dark golden skin. His grin was bright and honest. I never saw him before, she thought. Hang on, I might have seen him around. Yes, with that dog.

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