Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series:

 At school one day a few weeks later, Simeon said, ‘Can I tell you something about the poachers I have heard recently in Cajamarca?’
Crayn nodded. ‘You have news? I must say, I didn’t hear anything when I was in Cajamarca. So, tell us.’
‘I was there last week to visit my brother Ben and his family. They live close to the hospital there and he told me a very strange story about the poachers,’ said Simeon.
‘Ben is a policeman, right?’ Crayn intervened. ‘Along with your brother, isn’t he, Mito?’
‘Pito is,’ Mito said proudly. ‘Work together, they do not. Ben in other branch. Not talked to him for a while, I have not.’
‘Yes, that is right,’ Simeon went on, ‘but I still told Ben earlier about Matica and her condors. They, Pito and the others, now have an eye and an ear open for them. Ben said that four months ago, two people came to the clinic. One of them was bleeding from a deep wound in his shoulder and a wound to his head. He was in really bad shape and very weak be-cause he had lost so much blood. They told the nurse that a killer condor did that to him, but he did not tell her why.
‘My brother said that condors never attack people unless they are desperate, so I told him that Tamo was just defending his egg and that Matica had helped to incubate the egg and Talon was hatched. Ben said it is illegal to plunder, but the police have to catch the poachers in the act. Even though the police knew what had happened, their hands are tied because the man’s wound could have been caused by anything. There was not enough proof, unfortu-nately.
‘Well, the doctor could not do much for that man, so he gave him an injection for the pain and to prevent any infection and patched him up to stop the bleeding. He was then transported to Lima for cosmetic surgery. My brother never saw them again.’

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