Monday, 29 April 2013

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series: TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series: TALON, COME FLY WITH ME:

All of them nodded. ‘Yes, yes!’ came from all di-rections, even from Miguel.
‘We may have to take you up on your offer of help if the poachers come back,’ Crayn said, ‘but we hope not.’
All settled down again and after a request for more information, Crayn used Pajaro as an inter-preter to teach them more about the Crayn also said that poachers had put the condors in jeop-ardy, so they would soon become extinct. There were only a few left on earth and they had to protect them.
‘Left a few only?!’ a voice called out. ‘They dy-ing out, they do? Why?’
‘Mito, is that you?’ asked Crayn.
Mito stood up. Everybody looked at him. ‘Yes, me it is. Love the condors, I do. Told me about some of the condors, Pito did. Enough, it was not. Hearing more, I like.’
‘Yes, yes!’ came from all directions.
Crayn told them what he had told Matica about the condors. At the end, he added, ‘We have Tamo and Tima here – one pair of condors. It is our duty to protect them and their young, to watch over them and to keep them alive and well. Matica is helping to do that.’
Once school was over, Crayn said to Matica, ‘Did you like all the fuss? You’re a worthy member of the community now.


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  3. Review of the excerpt from Talon Come Fly With Me
    The Author, Gigi Sedlmayer requested a review of Talon.
    Children are very interested in the birds that fly above us. The first story about Talon educates the children in their nesting location, egg laying and food searches. It also introduces children to the predators of these magnificent birds as well as the protectors of them. Children can learn about Talon's search for food and lifestyle for the mountain beauties. Very Interesting and educational.

  4. I write several book reviews for a website run by my daughter Belinda and myself called Professor Owl's Book Corner ~ would love to include your books in August when we start our newsletter up again -