Sunday, 26 August 2012

Extract from the fourth novel in the Talon series

Talon and Tima stood beside Tamo now, bending down to watch the blood dripping from Tamo’s right wing and slowly made a puddle in the dirt. But Matica, shocked, frozen and holding her mouth with her hand, could only look at the dripping blood with horrified, wide-open eyes.
Mira, with the first-aid kit in her hand, stood perplexed and so she was ...
rooted to the ground, didn’t move to help Tamo or could try to stop the bleeding.
Tamo looked from one to the other, wondering that no one was helping him, since he showed his wound to everyone. He closed his eyes and grunted softly to get his attention then he looked at Mira, knowing that she would be the one helping him. But Mira still didn’t move, stood stunned, or even gave a sign that she was still alive.

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