Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review for the second book in the Talon series

In Talon On The Wing, ten – year – old Matica is still very small even though she has grown just a little. Since she is still small, she can fly on Talon’s back!

In the second book of the Talon series, you can join Matica and Talon as they soar over the mountains with Matica. You can feel the wind blowing through your hair as well as the raindrops hitting your face. Get caught in a storm and crash into mountain with Matica and Talon.

I highly recommended Talon On The Wing. This book is a very entertaing story. The author does a wonderful job of showing how a disabled child can have his or her adventures.

To learn more about Gigi Sedelmayer and Talon On The Wing visit her website at:

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