Monday, 3 December 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series, the last chapter:

Aikon shrugged. Matica looked from one to the other. ‘But don’t you see?’
Everybody shook their heads. ‘No,’ Mira said, ‘we don’t see, and we don’t know what you mean. What’s this all about?’
‘My advantage, of course!’ Matica paused, let-ting it sink into their heads.
Mira’s eyes went wide then she knocked at her forehead. ‘Of co...
‘Finally,’ Matica went on, ‘finally I know and understand why I’m so small. It all has a purpose, right? You told me that, and you also told me that I would find an advantage in being so small. Now I have found it. Even a b-i-i-i-g one, the biggest ever. If I had been as tall as I should be for my age, I could never have flown on Talon, right?’
Mira put her hands on both of Matica’s shoul-ders then hugged her. ‘I didn’t realise that,’ she said. ‘Yes, I always said there would be a good reason for you being so small. It wasn’t even that long ago that I said it to you again.’
‘Thank you, Lord,’ Matica said. ‘The Indians can’t tease me any longer. They have to see that I’m special, because no one else can fly on a condor.’
Lifting her chin, Matica showed two rows of white teeth and her eyes sparkled like green fire.
‘But Matica,’ her mother said, ‘I thought the Indians weren’t teasing you any more because of Talon. You even talk to them now.’
‘Yeah, that’s true. Since Talon, they have accepted me, but now they will think I’m special too, right?’

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