Monday, 10 September 2012

Extract from the firs novel in the Talon series, Talon, come fly with me:

Mira put dinner on the table. As they started to eat, Matica told them about their adventure. When she finished, Crayn said, ‘Mira, it was so brilliant to see Pajaro’s face and the faces of the others when they saw Tamo swooping over them. They called him a ‚monster‛.’ He shook his head.
‘Yes, I saw it. It’s about time the...
realise what they have,’ said Mira.
Matica had an excited look in her wide-open eyes. ‘Tomorrow we’ll get the egg, I’m sure of that,’ she said, ‘and we’ll see if Tamo will give it to me. And Mum,’ she pulled a face, ‘I didn’t like walking home in the dark. When the moon came out, he made so many terrible shadows. Brrrrrr.’ She shook herself. ‘It was awful.’
‘What did you see?’ Aikon’s eyes were two big, round dinner plates. ‘Scary shadows? Tell me.’
‘Hmpf. You want to know?’ said Matica.
‘I’m big.’ Aikon pounded his chest. ‘I can take it. Tell me.’

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