Monday, 17 September 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series

Because she had plenty of spare time, Matica would roam around the plateau for hours after school to investigate it, and yet she didn’t need to leave the plateau as it was huge and there was a lot to see. She loved birds, so she looked for the hummingbirds, the colourful and loud macaws, the toucans with their enormous beaks and all sorts of different colours, and she even looked for the monitor lizards, but none of them gave her any peace of mind. Sometimes she looked for monkeys, but she could never find any of them.
After two years of hardship, it all started. She was then seven and a half years old. One late afternoon, she saw for the first time two mysterious, huge and dark birds circling high in the sky over the mountains. She wondered about how high they were and why they still looked so huge. She thought of the pterosaurs in her dinosaur book. The pterosaurs were huge, really huge, but they became extinct ages ago.

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