Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Extract from the firt book in the Talon series, Talon, come fly with me

Matica woke up early in the morning, sat up and, remembering her dream, she thought about it. Could it be true? Will Tamo do that to me? She shook her head and murmured, ‘I don’t believe that Tamo would do that to me. No, he wouldn’t do that.’
She got up and looked for cloths in which she could wrap the egg to protect it and t...
o incubate it. She found several old towels in a cupboard. Taking them, she tiptoed with a grim face to her dad and mum’s open bedroom and went in. She whispered into her mum’s sleepy face, ‘Mum, are you still asleep?’
‘Hmm, I am,’ came a sleepy, croaky voice from Mira’s mouth.
‘Sorry, Mum.’
Matica turned to tiptoe out of the room again when she felt a pull at her nightie. She turned. Her mum grinned and whispered, since Crayn was still asleep, ‘Why do you wear that long face? Come tell me what’s bothering you.’ She sat up.
Matica sat cross-legged on her bed and twisted the cloth around her fingers. Mira stroked her cheek. ‘Are these cloths for the egg? So you do believe —’ said Mira.


  1. Hi Gigi,
    Found you via Patricia Macias (Facebook) yesterday. Enjoyed your writing here from your 'Talon' series. Thanks for sharing. Now following you through GFC. I'm over at: www.lowfellwritersplace.blogspot.co.uk
    Looking forward to reading your new posts and keeping in touch.
    Best wishes
    Suzy Henderson

  2. Thank yu Suzy for your kind words. will go now to your post and will joyin as well. thank you again.
    Will post soon again. But we will go for a little day trip today. Weather is great.