Sunday, 23 September 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series

‘Your tummy feels soft. I thought feathers were rough.’ She touched him again. He grunted. ‘You look as if you have come directly from God’s design, but why do your neck and head have no feathers? They look naked.’ She shrugged. ‘Never mind that. You look majestic to me, naked neck or not. Now I’ll stroke you properly, not only your claws or your beak as I have done up to now. Would you like that? I don’t think anyone has ever stroked you before, or even touched you.’
Even though Matica’s lips trembled, she stretched her arm to reach his wing. He let it happen and looked at her hand, grunting as if to say, ‘Come on, you can stroke me.’
‘You’re wonderful,’ she said. ‘Your feathers look < well, as if they were made from black, glossy
velvet. You feel warm and soft.’
Suddenly he unfolded one of his huge wings and and stretched it out.

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