Sunday, 16 September 2012

Extract from the first novel in the Talon series

Staring at the stars, the thought of flying on Tamo filled her mind for the hundredth time. She closed her eyes and flew with her hands, imagining lying on his back. I could escape all of my sufferings, she thought.
She let the dream wash over her where nobody could tease and mock her.
‘Well, I guess it will never happen,’ she said and sat up.
‘What will never happen?’
‘Oh, Mum, nothing. Well, ma...
ybe one day I might tell you.’ She grinned cunningly then sighed. ‘Why don’t the Indians understand that I’m normal? It’s just that my growth hormones don’t work properly. It’s nothing evil.’
‘They still tease you and it still bothers you?’
‘Hmm, kind of.’ Matica cast her eyes downwards then pursed her lips. One single tear escaped each of her eyes and slowly crawled down her cheeks.
Mira wiped them off then took her daughter into her arms, squeezed her then held her an arm’s length away.
‘Are you sure they still tease you? I haven’t heard anything for a while,’ said Mira.
‘Yes, pretty sure.’
‘Pretty sure, or kinda pretty sure, or maybe sort of kinda pretty sure?’ Her mum’s eyes lit up.
Matica laughed and wriggled free. ‘You’re talking silly, Mum.’
Mira laughed too. ‘Yeah, I’m silly today, but it worked, didn’t it?’
‘Yes, it worked, but it’s still their fault that I made friends with the condors.’
‘I know, Love. It will all change soon, I believe.'

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