Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Press release for the third book TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE

Press Release
“Talon, flight for life” Announced -
Children’s Sequel Sparks Imagination
and Helps Boost Self-Esteem
Here comes the third instalment about the incredible adventures with
Talon and Matica.
(BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA)- Gigi Sedlmayer today announced the release of
the highly anticipated Talon, flight for life (ISBN # 9781742841748), the third in
a series of children’s book based on the lova...ble character Maticia, and her two
condors Tamo and Tima.
Certain to appeal to the child’s imagination and help build self-esteem, Talon,
flight for life is a must-have for parents looking for ways to build their children’s
Set in Peru, high up in the Andean mountains, the roller coaster tale begins as
Matica is walking with her father to the city of Cajamarca to purchase food,
medication and tickets for their upcoming holiday in Australia.
Maticia and her father walk through a colourful panorama of rainforests,
plateaus and other parts of the beautiful country. While she misses her
condors waiting back home, she is excited to see so many things on her
journey, including macaws, toucans, monkeys - even a puma.
When they learn that the poachers are back, snooping around and asking for
condors, Matica is determined to get home quickly to warn the condors.
Passing through an old Incan dwelling, her father is bitten by a spider. His leg
swells to double its size and he becomes delirious with fever. Will she reach
the condors on time to come and save her father’s life?
“Most children and teenagers have issues with acceptance and confidence.
This is explored and resolved in a positive manner within the story line of the
Talon series. Matica shows children and teens that they can overcome great
obstacles with love, patience and a selfless attitude toward helping others and
experience exciting adventure on the way.,” says Gigi Sedlmayer.
From a passage of the book: “If she’s hurt when she hears your decision then
she wasn’t your friend. She must let you go, for now. She must understand
and respect your feelings.” “But now they slowly understand that disability is
not a sickness or whatever else they thought I have.” “The earth is dancing
round the yellow ball and the yellow ball is following her lead.” “The forest was
bursting with life and Matica could hear it all, she was a part of it now.” “Love
and acceptance for each other, without boundaries.” “Self-pity is a useless
emotion.” “Self-pity can ruin one’s life.”
In Talon, flight for life, Gigi Sedlmayer revisits the lovable case she created in
the first and second instalment of the series; Talon, come fly with me. The
characters are vibrant and packed with emotional qualities the drive the story
telling forward.
Gisela Sedlmayer was born in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin in Germany. Her
family escaped to the West just before the infamous wall went up. Her and her
husband arrived in New Zealand in 1975 where they lived for eighteen years,
before moving to Australia. They live on the Gold Coast with two adopted

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