Monday, 16 April 2012

Review of the first book, TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

Book Review - Talon, Come Fly with Me

Matica is a little girl whose body did not grow properly, and she is much shorter than other children of her age. Because of this, she is rejected in the community in which she and her family live, which make her sad and very lonely.

Matica befriends Tamo and Tima, who are huge fully grown Condors. Through Matica’s patience and love, Tamo grows to become her closest friend. After Matica rescues their newly laid egg from poachers, they entrust their unhatched baby to her to keep it safe. When the egg hatches, she forms an even closer bond with the baby condor, who she named Talon. She hand-rears him, with Tamo and Tima bring food every day for her to feed the baby. As Talon grows, and wants to learn to fly, Matica finds it challenging to know how to help him. He finds his way to the outside table-top and jumps from there, and into the lower branches of a nearby tree, but eventually Matica has to take him to the top of the mountain, so that he can soar like his parents.

The befriending of the Condors changes Matica’s life forever. She is gradually accepted into the community as the indian see, and understand, what she is doing and achieving and involves them by keeping them informed of what is happening with the birds. They come to realise that her short stature is not important, and that she has achieved the impossible – she has three condors as her friends. Tamo, Tima and Talon remain her friends and visit her often, even after Talon can fly.

This heart-warming story is full of love, patience, caring and adventure. Any child that reads this book will be glued to it until the end to find out what happens to Talon. Matica shows great courage in overcoming her disability by thinking and caring about someone else, in this case it happens to be birds. The gentle message of showing children that they can do anything and achieve anything they set out to do with love, perseverance, and determination is an excellent way to help the young generation to grow. I whole-heartedly recommend reading Talon, Come Fly with Me, whether you are child or adult.

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