Monday, 16 April 2012

Review by Carly Anne of the first book in the Talon series

Hea y'all Anne here and I've read and love this tale of a journey of self acceptance and growth. Little Matica is challenged is her everyday life and she turns to the only creatures who accept her for her with no questions asked, a set of nesting condors. The condors are in danger and little Matica is doing everything in her power to not only protect them but also their unhatched egg. In a society where physical flaws are pointed out at a disgusting rate this book is a breath of fresh air. To tell a tale that proves how animals accept a person for the person not what they look like, seems like humans as a whole could learn from animals. Matica shows how its not height or physical ability that makes the person but heart and determination.I love this story it's very touching and would be an awesome read for not only adults but also for young groups too because it's so important for people to stop being so superficial and look deeper into who people are. Height, weight, hair or eye color none of this is life alteringly important. What is important is seeing peoples true beauty and their true and absolute potential. Then the world will truly be beautiful and I can honestly say GiGi may have the right idea in providing stories of true and honest beauty in a world that can all to often be cold and grey for most people. 5 out of 5 stars for Talon, Come Fly With Me by GiGi Sedlmayer..

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