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Review by Kay Bushnell for TALON, COME FLY WITH ME

Talon, Come Fly With Me

Written by Australian writer, Gisela Sedlmayer, Talon, Come Fly With Me, is a story of courage and determination that will reach the hearts and minds of its readers.

The story takes place in, what is for many of us, an exotic location. It follows the challenges that face Matica, a young girl who lives with her Australian missionary parents in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes.

As for all children, Matica’s childhood should be that wonderful time of friendship, adventure and learning. But Matica is no ordinary little girl … Matica is different. She lives with a cruel physical disability. Although she is like any bright, inquisitive nine-year old, physically she is locked in the body of a two year old. The villagers of the remote Andean village accept her “normal” brother, but they view this strange little girl with suspicion and reject her from their community.

Although encouraged by her loving parents, who understand the difficulties she faces, without friends to enrich her life Matica spends much of her time alone exploring the Andean plateau around the village. It is here a friendship ensues. A magical bond with two condors grows from Matica’s awareness of their plight, her sense of justice, and their resulting mutual needs. This bonding gives Matica the opportunity to discover the strength of her own mind and body, and enables her to reach the hearts of the village community through her dedication to the majestic birds. As the story unfolds, we also learn about the life and nature of condors. We learn why the villagers view the birds with suspicion, and reasons for their endangered status. And we are given the opportunity to understand and respect both Matika and her friends, the condors.

Gisela Sedlmayer’s writing clearly demonstrates her understanding of the need for acceptance and connection. She is an inspiring and insightful story-teller. This story will inspire anyone who loves animals, and stories about compassion and friendship, and most importantly, the human ability to overcome obstacles to make a difference to themselves and our world. I loved this story and look forward to following Matica’s adventures in Gisela Sedlmayer’s Talon trilogy.

Review by Kay Bushnell

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