Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Synopsis of third book in the Talon series


Matica is walking with her father to the next big city of Cajamarca to purchase some food, medication and the tickets for their six month holiday in Australia.  

On the way she misses her condors terribly, but still has an adventurous and very good time with her father walking through rain forests and other parts of the beautiful country of Peru, seeing macaws, toucans, monkeys and a puma.  

In Cajamarca they heard that the poachers are back, asking for condors. Matica is distressed, and wants to go home quickly, to tell her condors.  

On the way home they visit an old Incan dwelling. And there, shortly after something terrible is happening. Her father fell ill with high fever after he was bitten by a nasty huge spider.  

Not knowing what to do, she calls for her condors. But the wait until they arrive, that is the hardest time she ever had to endure.


  1. The prose lightly leads to discover what is unsaid and between the lines. It is a path within ourselves with sounds and smells of something spiritual and mystical.

  2. Brian,
    Thank you for your comment. much appreciated.
    So that means...?