Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Synopsis of second book in the Talon series


What Matica has dreamed ever since she first befriended the condors actually happened in the last chapter of the previous book, Talon, Come Fly With Me. And now the adventure continues.  

Finally accepting Matica into their community with that incredible event, the Indians of Peru loves seeing her together with Talon and his parents, Tamo and Tima. Now she has to tell all of her adventures with her condors in class.  

Only her mother wasn’t very impressed with that event but she finally is turning around as well and loves her seeing them together in that intimate way. Her mother first saw danger in it but after showing her how safe she is with Talon her mother gave her the go ahead. 

Matica is now happy that she is small and doesn’t want to have it any other way. She is accepted, she is loved and she can have the incredible adventure with her beloved Talon. What more could she have? All her rejection and hardship is over. 

In this book she has scores of incredible adventures and near disasters with Talon. Also, a love between Amos and her develops.  

The adventure continues.

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