Monday, 26 November 2012

Extract from the 2. novel in the Talon series:

A few seconds later, they broke through the top of the cloud and the sun shone on them once more, warming them since she realised how cold and damp it was in there. Dewdrops were glistening and sparkling all over Talon’s wing feathers and herself. Before they could vaporise, she licked some drops off her hands but in doing so, her gaze fell on the to...
p of the clouds. ‘Whoa!’ she cheered. ‘Look at the beautiful looking clouds under us. They look like puffed-up cotton wool, or like snow-covered mountains.’
Gazing at the wonders of the clouds from above, she was aware that Talon was riding on the clouds, riding them out smoothly and bouncing gently from cloud to cloud. Up and down, right and left he went as the clouds were formed.
Presently, directly in front of them, a dark and dirty-looking cloud puffed up high in an invisible and undetectable current. To Matica it looked like a solid mountain peak but a mountain peak that increasingly moved, twirled and twisted. In one stage it fell together, nearly disappearing, then it puffed up again, even higher than it was before.
‘Talon, don’t enter it —’ But it was too late. Talon didn’t hesitate for a second. He flew right into it.

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