Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Extract from the second novel in the Talon series, TALON, ON THE WING

Panic gripped her heart as Matica fell like a rock, tumbling over and over. She tried to think what had happened, but the shock of falling overpowered her mind and let her heart sink into a black, hollow emptiness. She wrapped her hands around her knees, wanting to curl up as the wind rushed past her, becoming louder every secon...
d as she went faster and faster down.
I fell off Talon, was all she could think of as her mind was shrieking that sentence over and over and over.
Feeling the panic even more, bubbling up inside her like the frothy waves of the sea rising over her head to drown her, her head began to spin. She uncurled and looked out for Talon but couldn’t see him anywhere in that darkness. Her mind started to work, but what it told her wasn’t very encouraging. She wanted to stop it, but the thoughts kept assaulting her. What am I going to do now? He’s not coming after me.


  1. This is such a cool blog, intersting articles and great pictures....
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    1. Thank you so very much. Much appreciated.