Sunday, 18 November 2012

Extract from the second novel in the Talon series:

Distressed and with big eyes, she said, ‘That can’t be. Parents don’t do something like that. You lost me totally. Or... ’ she looked up, ‘his parents didn’t love him?’ She looked inquiringly at him.
‘Remember I said that Alexander cared for his brother, not his parents?’
Matica nodded. ‘Yes. Why? I don’t get that part.’ But suddenly her eyes wide...
ned and understanding crept into her expression. Amos said earlier: so young, so small. Can it be? ‘Amos, was he disabled, challenged in any way?’ she whispered.
‘Yes, challenged, yes.’
‘Amos?’ He wouldn’t answer; he just looked at her now. Matica, jumping up and standing before him, yelled, disturbed, ‘No, Amos! That can’t be!’
He nodded, looking fondly into her big and round eyes. He guessed what was going through her mind, so he took her hands and pulled her to sit beside him again.
Not letting go of his hands, for her support, she sat down and, staring first in front of her then looking up at him, she whispered, ‘Amos, he was like - me?’ She let go of his hands and pointed at herself with both of her hands. Amos nodded. ‘Really? Ooooh.’ She shook her head and sat up straight. ‘That explains it.’

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